Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair takes place in the town of that name in Rajasthan during the full moon during October or November each year. The desert dunes on the edge of town become home to thousands of camels while their owners gather to buy and sell the

animals over a five day period. Goats, sheep and horses are also traded and the area becomes a place of barter as the men huddle in groups and fistfuls of money change hands.

The area also becomes a festival ground where visitors can visit stalls, watch horse racing, camel dancing and the world famous moustache competition. This is a gathering where the “old” India can be savoured as the traditional dress of the colourfully turbaned men and the bejewelled women leaves the visitor with a feeling of times gone by.

Visitors are welcome and allowed to wander freely amongst the proceedings while camels are clipped, groomed and generally made more attractive and sellable. We went for a day, stayed for four and it was wonderful