Seven Cardamom Days Recipes



We are giving away a few of the Cardamom Days recipes that sustained us during our travels and which we now eat on a regular basis. They are predominantly South Indian and therefore completely vegetarian and I guess pretty healthy.

A few words of introduction. Firstly what I am not. I not a cook (although I enjoy cooking) nor a dietician nor a nutritionist.

What I am is someone who was overweight when I left on my travel adventure and was not overweight when I returned.

There may be a few reasons for this, being more active, being removed from the temptation of what was calling me from the fridge and a healthy and simple diet.

The excess weight began disappearing for both Carol and I as we travelled through South India where we fed well and ate mainly sambar, mixed vegetable curry and chapattis and frankly I reached a weight never dreamed of in the past 30 years.

As we travelled north and as the food became richer we both noticed that our clothes began to get a little tighter. Once back home the call of the fridge and a return to a western diet soon began to take its toll and so we decided to include into our diets the dhaba type food we had enjoyed so much while travelling.

Don’t get me wrong, we still eat some naughty stuff but we keep a large bowl of sambar in the fridge and some rice and lentils handy and this keeps us a little slimmer and a lot healthier.

These seven recipes are now the mainstay of our eating habits, all delicious and easy to prepare. Enjoy.

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